Steven Geis

Multi-Family/Investment Sales
940 368 5559

With over $71 million in multi-family sales & over 2,200 units, Steven has successfully sold properties all over the state with a focus on the North Texas area. Having worked with institutional buyers, student housing developers, local owners needing assistance selling or buyers looking to add to their portfolio, he enjoys working with clients who have various acquisition needs. Never one to discriminate based on size of the property, Steven gets just as excited selling a 300+ unit multi-family community as he does selling a small 6 unit apartment building. He enjoys maintaining long term relationships with his clients and helping many grow their portfolio over the years.

In 2004, after working with a local Denton brokerage firm, Steven took his marketing experience from the five years he worked in the advertising field & his enthusiasm for multi-family & started Multi-Family Brokerage Group with his business partner at the time, Udi Umondak. Focusing solely on the acquisition and disposition of multi-family assets, they had great success selling properties across Texas.

In 2010, in order to better service his clients' real estate needs outside of multi-family assets, Steven joined Alex Payne at Axis Realty Group where he continues to focus on multi-family as well as other commercial investment properties including self storage, professional office buildings, office warehouse, retail and land.

Steven is known for his diligence, honesty, problem solving abilities and patience, especially during the transaction process. He never gives up on a deal until all options have been exhausted and has been known to work for years, if necessary, until a property gets sold.


Post Oak Crossing Apartments - 176 units, Sherman, TX - $6.7M
Oak Park Apartments - 105 units, Dallas, TX - $2.2M
Chaparral Apartments - 172 units, Denton, TX - $3.1M
Center Chase Apartments - 52 units, Arlington, TX - $1.8M
Yorkshire Place Apartments - 100 units, Denton, TX - price undisclosed
Bridgewood Apartments - 39 units, Bridgeport, TX - $2.85M
Kensington Place Apartments - 76 units, Denton, TX - price undisclosed
Eagle Drive Multifamily 4 property portfolio - 161 units, Denton, TX - $6.5M
Eagle's Nest Apartments - 172 units, Denton, TX - $2.8M


We have worked with Steven on three different occasions to purchase multifamily properties in the Denton area. Twice he represented the Seller in the transaction and the latest we hired him to represent us. We were very impressed with his honesty, diligence, and commitment to the each project. The last deal was both trying and difficult for many reasons. Throughout every aspect of the process, Steven remained professional and committed to the project. I am happy to say that the deal closed on time and we received an excellent financing package and property, thanks in part to Steven's hard work.

-Mark & Wendy Withers, Tom Monaco, Wenaco Management

Throughout the course of my twenty-five plus years dealing with commercial real estate I make note of those individuals that make deals happen. Mr. Geis is definitely one of those people.