You can trust Axis Realty Group to operate with the highest of ethical standards with our client’s interests put before our own. Our team creates value for our clients through our direct, hands-on knowledge of the market and the properties we represent. In addition, our state-of-the-art market intelligence tools and our extensive property/client database give us a solid platform from which to operate.

Investment Sales

With over $100 million in successful Commercial Real Estate investment sales, including Multi-Family, Office, Retail, Industrial, and Land Axis Realty Group is fully dedicated to helping you achieve your disposition needs or finding you the right property that meets your acquisition requirements.


Axis Realty Group has the capacity to handle commercial real estate investment requirements of any size. We have dedicated members of our team that function in specialized areas based on the characteristics of the property. This is key. Markets, sales strategies and transaction specifics vary greatly according to a property's size. Our team includes experienced professionals who understand your needs and we have the expertise and tools to fulfill your requirements and objectives.


With our strong marketing, research, and advertising support team, we understand the power of well designed, well written, and well placed marketing material. Axis Realty Group utilizes comprehensive marketing vehicles including internet, electronic and print communications to promote your property. Our marketing, research and advertising support team excels in preparing engaging, effective and results-oriented marketing tools.

Our marketing capabilities, active Buyers database as well as partnerships with local and national brokerage firms, place our clients' properties before the largest number of buyers possible. Our marketing infrastructure is aggressive to ensure the greatest number of viable offers and maximum returns. We screen offers to highlight the most qualified Buyers and ensure a smooth transaction for our clients. After the close of a transaction, we can also help you identify additional properties for acquisition.


While our marketing services, databases, and research capabilities are national and international, we choose to work with clients here; one on one. Personal service has a tremendous impact on a seller's comfort level, confidence in your broker and satisfaction over all. You are investing your trust in us. We respect and value it.

The team at Axis Realty Group is more than happy to talk with you, answer your questions, and provide additional information. The firm takes pride in the relationships we have with our clients and work hard to maintain them for the long term.